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2018 BEST IN TEST: Nordica Enforcer - A ski with the need for speed.

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Snow Surfing — for the bold. 

Boost your confidence this season with the Nordica Enforcer 100.  If you're looking to be unstoppable, this ski tops the charts. Nordica's Enforcer is so popular with ski testers this year, it’s won more awards than Tom Hanks. What these elite skiers find so appealing is the range of high-end performance this ski displays when charging at whatever comes your way.

The real sweet spot with the Enforcer is in it's freakish versatility.  It's tough to find a ski this wide that carves the corduroy while also surfing the powder waves. The trick is in the rocker-camber-rocker profile and the two .4mm-thick sheets of Titanium laminate construction.  The cambered zone underfoot provides serious stability for gripping that edge on groomed runs, while the rockered flexibility and width makes floating on powder easy and breezy like a Sunday morning.   Crud who?  Regardless of snow conditions, Nordica's Enforcer will take off on a hot beat charging full speed ahead into snow terrain of every dimension.  Crud won't stand a chance.