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Cross Country Skis

hobby-wheel-sign-snow-edit.jpgNew waxless skis and rossginol boots every season. Always prepped and ready to go!  

All rentals must be picked up and returned to our Ironwood, MI location.  

DISCLAIMER: I understand there are risks, dangers and hazards associated with the sport of skiing/snowboarding for which this equipment is to be used, which may result in serious personal injury or death and that injuries are a common and ordinary occurrence. Risks include, but are not limited to, changes in terrain, weather and snow surfaces, ice, moguls, bare spots, debris, fences, posts, trees, chairlift and surface lift equipment and towers, light poles, signs, buildings, roads and walkways, ramps, padded and non-padded barriers or obstacles, jumps and other terrain features (including the angle and length of their approaches, take-off ramps and landing areas) both in and out of the terrain park, snowmaking and grooming equipment and operations, snowmobile operations, collisions with other persons and collisions with other natural and man-made hazards, and improperly-adjusted or malfunctioning equipment. I acknowledge that the risks in the sport of skiing/snowboarding can be greatly reduced by taking lessons, and using common sense.